Russell Dobular questions Centrist regressive ideals, and so do I.

The dinosaurs weren’t smart enough to avoid their extinction when the asteroid hit. They had walnut-brains that wouldn’t compete with our fancy modern human-Brains, right?

Unfortunately, it seems that our leadership class is just as hopeless when facing today’s asteroid; extinction via climate change.

Instead of being too dumb to save the day, today’s DINOs are smart enough and capable enough to consciously, actively, place the planet directly on to the path of certain destruction. Think about it; People had to make decisions to go to war. People had to choose to allow fossil fuel subsidies and to bar the adoption of green energy tech. People had to choose short term benefit at the cost of their ecosystem.

Many of the worst offenders in this cycle of betrayal are today’s ever compromising, corporatist/ centrist/ elite power brokers. A number of them roost in the Democrat party, but they don’t align with their base’s values. Republicans are another story, and they make no claims to be on the side of social progress. For now, let’s look a bit closer at how these gate-keepers got the keys to lock the doors on progress.

In this article, Russell Dobular does an excellent job of breaking down some key transitions in the ideological migrations of Democrats over the last 50 years.  By taking us back through these historical points, he gives us valuable reminders about how many Democrats came to be indivisible from Republicans on so many crucial issues.

To me, this convolution of party ideals seems purposeful and merits a further look. By defining an ideological “center” and eschewing any ideas that fall to the ideological borders- The social conversation can be, and has been controlled to simply avoid consideration of outsider-concepts like those smeared as too far left or as socialist. The center controls the narrative and consistently paints these very achievable societal goals as impossible; Affordable education, Job security, upward mobility, catching up to the 70-year-old universal health care of the UK, returning to congressionally sanctioned warfare, or ensuring democracy by reforming our election system.

Unfortunately, our media and leadership class support plunder-by-tweet, endless illegal wars, private prisons, a grifting medical system, and corporate safety net that rewards failure at levels too big to fail.

Those financial masters can’t do it alone.  A thriving labor class is necessary for a thriving national economy. The wealth imbalances of 1929 and 2007 lead directly to the financial collapse of 1930 and 2008.  Progressive policies point us toward a more sustainable future supported by successful New-Deal economics that has proven successful for creating national growth.

Regressive policies embodied by centrists enshrine socialism for the rich at the expense of absolutely everything else. The last 40 years have locked the once strong middle class in the tar-pits of economic stagnation, and whether we know it or not- we’re only climbing out of this together.

Please, join Russell on his journey back through time to arm yourself against the mistakes of the past, and those that refuse to leave it.


Damon Morris






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